Strategy, International, Corporate, Investments, Environmental matters,
Stratégie, International, Corporate, Investissements, Environnement,
Strategia, Internazionale, Corporate, Investimenti,

Jean-Jacques Bertagna, Avocat (Paris), acts for financial, industrial, commercial and IT clients from all over Europe, North America and beyond. US attorneys, Italian advocates, English barristers & solicitors also call upon Jean- Jacques Bertagna and his external team for operational back-up in France, to share decades of experience, knowledge and attention.

A highly personal bespoke caring and speedy assistance is delivered, tailored to clients’ needs, understanding and objectives, the policy being to assist selected clients and not to advertise their investments, to bring out his expertise, a policy much appreciated by well-known companies, high net worth individuals and family office clients.

Jean-Jacques Bertagna, Avocat (Paris), assiste les sociétés commerciales, industrielles, financières et high tech ainsi que les entrepreneurs et les family offices. La vision proposée est toujours pragmatique et stratégique.

Jean-Jacques Bertagna conseille des sociétés françaises, américaines, anglaises, italiennes ciblées quelle que soit leur taille y compris les start-up, dans le cadre des opérations liées à leur création, à leurs investissements et à leur fonctionnement.

La clientela di Avvocato Bertagna (Parigi) si costituisca di società commerciali, industriali, high tech e finanziarie così come di imprenditori, di finanzieri individuali e di family uffici. Avvocato Jean-Jacques Bertagna propongano una visione strategica nella sua pratica di consigli e di assistenza.

Avvocato Bertagna (Parigi) consiglia ed assistono le società francesi, americane, inglesi, italiane, selezionate, di ogni taglia compresso gli start-up, per gli operazioni legate alla loro creazione, ai loro investimenti e al loro funzionamento.